Monday, 4 February 2019

My Period Is Late, Should I Panic?

Why Is My Period Late?
The period, or menstrual cycle is something all women go through once they reach puberty. This is a more intimate post, it's about time we tackled some lesser spoken about topics online. It's only natural and is nothing to be ashamed about, as a woman myself, I know how scary it can be having a late period. It is worth mentioning that my periods are completely irregular, sometimes being weeks late to me missing them completely, but this is all down to diet and weight changes. Irregular periods aren't abnormal, particularly as there are a number of reasons as to why this may happen, most of which are completely safe and are nothing to worry about. Even though I am a virgin, I still tend to worry about pregnancy if I miss a period, as ridiculous as it may sound, and I know I'm not alone on this one. Enough about me, here is some advice that you may find useful into finding out when is a good time to see a doctor, if you need to at all.

I wouldn't consider a period to be 'late' unless it was around six days past the due date, only because missing a few days in between is pretty common. If you are six or more days late, here is a quick list of things that could be going on:

  • Recent illness.
  • Stress.
  • Weight gain or weight loss.
  • Excessive exercising.

If you have recently started (a couple of years prior), it is normal to have fluctuating menstrual cycles,
just as your body needs time to get used to the hormone changes and this should fix later down the line.

It's important to remember our bodies don't hold a clock, just because it doesn't arrive exactly 28 days later, it doesn't necessarily mean your period is late. Hormone changes, having shorter or longer periods, and the varied amount of blood coming away are all factors which prevent periods from being exactly on the day they are due every single month. Considering most months don't have just 28 days in them makes it even harder to predict at times.

After reading the bullet points, if you believe that your irregular periods could be down to one of them, it's a good start to try and get yourself back on track. It's a matter of trial and error to find the culprit, but they are relatively easy to fix. There's very little you can do to induce a period if you are late, (though I try having a bath when I'm due, as water seems to have a positive effect on the regularity of my cycle).

The technical term for missing a period is 'anovulation'. Which means you have failed to ovulate, meaning the egg isn't where it's supposed to be. Nobody knows your own body better than you do. If you have had unprotected sex in the last month, you should see a doctor straight after missing a period. However if you haven't had any unprotected sex, there are other avenues you can follow.

Stress and Your Period
To treat my irregular periods, I try my best to eat a balanced diet as recommended, and also bath more regularly a week before I'm due. The bath-inducing method could be a complete coincidence, but it hasn't failed me yet. Although I'm not completely on track all the time, it has made the gaps between each period smaller, and I continue to use this method to this day. Another method I use to further help with my period is using an app on my phone. The 'Flo' app is absolutely incredible. It's free to download on the App Store, and holds so many different sections of advice, even your own period calendar to mark symptoms, physical changes, or how you have been eating, drinking and exercising in the days leading up. It works better the more accurate you fill in each day, but as you record more periods, the predictions become more accurate too. There are regular help sections posted with questions from those needing advice or help on similar topics. When the time is right, Flo is able to tell you when is best to try for pregnancy based on your cycle, and will match the ovulation dates so your chances are as high as they can be. Overall, this is a fabulous app for managing your period, as the detailed personalisation options make your calendar very specific to you, rather than just receiving generic advice from professionals, or computerised methods.

It seems we are the worst offenders when it comes to missing periods. We worry so much about being on time that sometimes the extra stress prevents our period from coming at all. The best thing you can do is take a deep breath, take a moment to examine how late you are, what the reasons can be, even give my tips and tricks a go. If you have missed more than two periods in a row, I would certainly recommend seeing a doctor as there may be an underlying issue. Other than that, they typically fix themselves within the next cycle so don't worry - there is nothing wrong with you, they are bound to feel more irregular than they are, wait a little longer, chances are it will start very soon!

Thursday, 31 January 2019

Top Priorities In My Life!

Manage Your Work
It is clear that everyone has different priorities, I value things others don't, and vice versa. My life is pretty hectic, so prioritising is important to keeping things on track. So here is (an un-ordered) list of my priorities, there's quite a few here.

Helping Others

Everyone who knows me personally would tell you that I always put others before me. As stupid as this may seem, and cliche even, it is the truth. I have struggled to make friends throughout my life, as many have. I had an unhealthy phase in my childhood where I would assume I would only make friends by doing things for them, such as buying things, doing what they told me, etc. Which obviously ended rather badly for me and my reputation. I'm wise to it now, but at the time I was so convinced that doing these things would make people love me. Though a part of that still resides in me now, I will always help others where necessary and I don't rely on it solely to build friendships, which is a good thing really. I wouldn't encourage this attitude towards others based on my own experiences. I have been known to think ahead of how my actions could affect others instead of my own. I've been in a position where I wanted to leave a toxic relationship, but the best friend of my partner at the time was going through a rough patch, and us breaking up would mean our contact would be compromised. In the end I did end the relationship, and as predicted our contact was cut short due to how unfair it would look if the best friend came to me in support rather than my ex. Though we are still on good terms, we don't speak nearly as much, hardly at all in fact. A part of me does feel although I did let them down, but I did what I had to do.

Helping others makes me feel great about myself. Like "Wow, I can't believed I've impacted someone's life in this way." Why I started up Emily's World was for this very reason. I may not have the best advice but if even one person was helped a little by what they have read, it would have served it's purpose for sure. I'd like to think my helpfulness has made others think twice before judging me and others. If beforehand they didn't have a good impression, this would have been changed now, or so I'd hope. Even during my own rough patches of feeling useless, having no motivation or purpose in life, helping others fulfils all of those. I feel appreciated and like I do have a purpose. Though saying it out loud seems selfish, I like to be needed.

Emily's Favourite Quotes About Helping Others
  • "No one has ever become poor by giving."
  • "The best way to not feel hopeless is to get up and do something."
  • "No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another."

Videos On Helping Others

I found helping others is a great way of managing my emotions as well as helping them with their own. In a time when you're just about holding yourself together, getting a helping hand from any source is the kind of support anyone would need to prevent them from losing control of their emotions, or at least help them control it. You could be that small glimmer of hope someone needs.

Enjoying My Time

Just to clear up the meaning in case the title was a bit elusive, I am not a reckless person and I don't mean going out and getting drunk on a daily basis, trying new things which could put me in danger or anything thrill-seeking, but rather using the time I do have to do exactly what I want. I am considered a 'boring' person. I don't drink, smoke, don't take recreational drugs or enjoy going out much. A good use of my time for example would be relaxing at home with my favourite meal, I am prone to stressing over absolutely nothing and I value time to myself to relax. I'm not typically the sort of person who fears dying, or not being able to do things in the future as I grow old or more unwell, but I like enjoying my time for the present, not for the fear of the future. As ever, this will greatly differ with others, but this is my take on it.
I appreciate doing things that require little effort, and are good for my mental state of mind above everything else. For example, despite having left school nearly three years ago, I still teach myself more French words and phrases by reading through the dictionary or writing out some things to remember. To some this is pointless, and I guess it is - but it is almost therapeutic for me. I loved learning French at school (as unpopular as it was, it was the exam I did best in, 57/60 in Reading, equivalent to an A*). I miss learning it. Younger me wanted to be a French teacher, but sadly I was pretty poor at other aspects such as my pronunciation and learning prefixes, though at the time at writing this post, I do work with children and adore it! I'm halfway towards my adolescent dream.

Learning is a huge part of how I enjoy my time. Many would say that learning involves a lot of effort and mental concentration to participate, but due to how much it reminds me of my younger days, I really do appreciate times where I can learn something, no matter how random that may be. Some areas of work aren't 'work' for me, as it seems. Leisure activities include video games, browsing the web, adding to this very blog! I enjoy spending time with close family and friends too, but who doesn't? Nature walks around my area are very relaxing, and it's having a pet dog that has brought out this new found love of the outdoors. My dog isn't exactly athletic, but she gets me out of the house and has given me a reason to go out and explore where I live in a different light, whether that be to large fields or forests. All are equally as magical and have fuelled my love of photography too.

Being Positive

We all have become victim to the highs and lows of life. But what's important is to take the lows, and make them at least bearable. I don't wallow over my woes for too long to avoid being in a generally
Daily Agenda
bad mood for a long time. At rock bottom I know how awful it was to be stuck in a pit of sadness to the point of thinking there is no way out. This is why staying positive is so important to me. I'm a firm believer that there is always, always, a way through the darkness. From my experiences, I am living proof of that.

A quite clever little tip into short term relief of sadness is to force a smile. Our brains are wired to believe that when we smile, it's because we're happy, and it therefore releases the happy hormones (as spoken in a previous post) and makes us feel happier mentally. I use this method a lot, you can physically feel the warming sensation and adrenaline pumping through as you smile. It is useful for short term relief if you need a little boost, that's for sure.

Positivity is important to me as it has shaped who I have become as a person. I am actually pretty pessimistic in so many areas of my life, but it's what happens inside my mind that counts. Mental health wise, I use positive thoughts to battle away the demons, and it works every single time. Hope is stronger than fear, I am a firm believer of that. Being positive has meant I can begin to influence how other people think and feel for the better. Even when things get tough, I can convince others as I have mentioned previously, that there is positivity at the end of every situation, every cloud has a silver lining. Too many of us match "happy" with "positivity", and yes, in some instances this can be the case, for those who do suffer with low mood, it can be hard for them to feel that way. Positivity isn't solely about happiness, but plenty of other characteristics too, such as being hopeful, motivated and successful. I come under the bracket of being positive as I have a real knack for seeing the best in people despite if their reputation, actions or past are against them. Though this sometimes can backfire, meaning I see people for what I believe them to be rather than who they really are, particularly if they take advantage of my generosity.

"Having a positive mental attitude is asking how something can be done rather than saying it can't be done."

Taking Care Of My Health

Many who know me would laugh at this. I don't particularly take care of my diet, eating habits, even my hair, mainly because of the cost. Why would I pay out for conditioner just so my hair isn't as dry? It's not like I'm in the limelight every day of my life. As for dieting, I never really took interest in it. I'm clinically underweight as it is, and although dieting is more surrounding health than weight, I'd rather be unhealthy to keep as much weight on as I possibly could - hard enough with a metabolism as high as mine. I purposely avoid the things that are blatantly unhealthy, such as really sugary food regularly, smoking and drinking alcohol, I don't enjoy them anyway, so it'd be a waste of time getting into these bad habits to begin with. My health contributes to my mental well being too. I have my friends to thank for that. They make me feel incredible every single day (shout out to my friends if they are reading this, aha).

I am definitely a strong sleeper, I never go to sleep after midnight at the latest, and usually bed down between 8:30pm or 9:30pm, as ridiculous it may seem, I've always had a positive sleep routine. I enjoy sleeping early, and waking up early (between 5:00am and 6:00am) - it is so refreshing to wake up from a brilliant night's sleep.


I have a rather large family, but as they all live in various places around the globe, it is often very difficult to keep in contact. I am very close with my parents and grandmother. It is an important thing to have in my life. It is a beautiful thing to be bound to people by blood when they have such inspiring stories to tell about our lives, it is guaranteed that family will always have your back in the most dire of situations, that's what they're there for. It is always very interesting to delve into my
Life Coach
heritage and see where everyone before my generation came from, lived, and how they developed the generations leading up to the present day.

I still live comfortably at home with my parents, and my grandmother only living a few streets down in case of an emergency. It's a relief to know I have some of my family close by, if I'd ever need it. I bare complete resemblance to both of my parents, in personality for sure. They also value family in their lives. It is a special time when our whole family comes together, typically for a celebration, as there is just so many of us - it is important we all take a photo or two together to cherish. I am guilty of always wanting a photo before returning home.

The only thing I believe is missing from my life is siblings. I am an only child, growing up I was told how great it was, but now I'm getting older, I'm starting to realise that actually, having another sibling to rely on isn't so bad after all. Once my parents have passed on, I will be left with nobody, and that thought scares me. It's the reason I cherish what I have so much now. Every year me and my parents go on holiday in the summer, I couldn't be happier.

Finding Love

I was never really searching for love online, I don't believe in online dating, rather that if you fall in love, you do so in person. You can't be too careful online these days. I always wanted to have the 'childhood sweetheart' kind of relationship, and as many relationships started and ended, once I left school, and then again college, I had nobody, which really knocked me back and got me panicking. I don't exactly go out often, or as usual teenagers do, to nightclubs, restaurants or shopping. So when would I meet someone?

Thrive At Life
Either way, finding love is an importance to me. As explained in the last section, without siblings and a partner, I will be completely and utterly alone in the future, and it's a scary prospect to think of. Down the line I definitely want to get married, and have children, and will be looking forward to those times. Find love, but don't look for it. I think those who have found their soul mate are incredibly lucky. Think about it, six billion people in the world, multiple continents and countries, and you have found your soul mate. To many it seems like a long road, I envisioned myself living at home until my thirties, still no closer to finding the one. But you luck may change, so don't give up just yet.

Thinking Of The Future

It's not unhealthy to think of the future, but with a mindset like mine, it's rarely positive thoughts, mainly spouts of panic about totally irrelevant situations which won't happen for years, if ever at all. There are some positives in it, the reason I prioritise it so much is that I love to be organised, and prepared to the point that if a Plan A fails, I have a Plan B, Plan C and so on. I am known for being very uptight with organisation, and without it, my mind would fall to pieces. I have tried to get in a healthier mindset, rather than looking far, far ahead at things which shouldn't be in my mind at the moment, I'll pick something in the next week or so to look forward to, such as days off work, or time to go out. It works wonders. I recommend it to anyone who is like me, and stresses on things far into the future.

Work Life

Work is certainly important to me. As mentioned in earlier posts, at the time of writing, I work with children and I adore coming in every morning not knowing what sorts of personalities I would be spending time with each day. Many of the people I work with are a lot younger, and have other priorities such as education or social events, however I always put work at the top of my list, even when in that position myself. I have always had a strong work ethic, and working with children has made that even more prominent, if I didn't work as I did, would I ever achieve the same satisfaction or passion I do when I come home from work every day? I was never quite sure of what career path I wanted to follow, it varied greatly during my life, from archaeology to songwriting, teaching to graphic design, my sights are clearly all over the place and I'm still stuck with what I want to do. Either way, I know whichever job I pick up, I will work my utter hardest, that's just the kind of person I am.

I probably have a pretty poor balance between work and life, and although many find this a bad mistake, I take pride in knowing I work so hard, even when I'm not expected to. I'd like to believe I inspire others around me to work just as hard.

So, there was a list of my priorities in life. Do you agree with some on this list? Do you have any extra I missed that you would place here?

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

I Feel Like I've Lost Myself.. How Do I Revive How I Used To Be?

This is an all too common occurrence in today's world. There are so many stresses in daily life that sometimes we can lose ourselves to other commitments such as work, or raising a family.


Emily's Note For Readers:

If you are feeling overly depressed, anxious or suicidal to the point it is affecting your daily life and your thoughts - please contact a helpline straight away. If you don't know where to turn, there are plenty of sources online which can direct you to the correct sites or contacts you may need. Don't suffer in silence.

I recommend UK based site HOPELINEUK (Papyrus UK), a suicide prevention charity.

Link to the site is here:

Get Your Mojo Back!
Losing yourself may differ from person to person, so I'll try and cover as many different possible ways someone may feel they have changed as I can, ranging from relationships to personality traits. The obvious one, and something most, if not all of the population has been through is issues with confidence, losing confidence can often contribute to losing yourself, as it makes up so much of who we are. Having been through this myself, I found that browsing the internet for a nice variety of information or advice on how to build my confidence back up again was really helpful. As simple as it may seem, there are plenty of different tips on each site which can really help you out in different ways, depending on what your comfort zone is, and how far you are willing to push yourself to get the results. My best advice would be to focus on what part of your confidence is missing, have you been negatively impacted by someone else's reaction to you? Have you, yourself convinced yourself that you're not as good as you used to be? Whatever the impact may be, there are all kinds of treatments out there due to how common an issue it actually is. Identifying the problem is the crucial first step though, I would definitely take a few moments to work out where it all went wrong so finding an answer will be easier for you. It is a relatively easy problem to cure, so stick with it.

Feeling like you have lost passion for things you used to enjoy is something that comes with severe stress or huge changes, such as moving house, or welcoming a new child into a family. Yet again, it is a common occurrence, though not as common as having confidence issues. It is more difficult to pinpoint the exact reason why you have gone through this feeling of lost passion, and even harder to find things that you still do have passion for. In some cases, there are some people who feel that the spark in their relationship has gone, despite being together for quite some time. These sorts of thoughts are usually expected with the onset of stress and change, and it isn't really anything to worry about as long as communication is there, so that everyone involved is on the same page and can help work through the problem, though don't involve other people who shouldn't be, the last thing you need is others blowing things out of proportion and emphasising the problem even more. Without communication, it may lead to doubts in your other half, such as if they are faithful, or lying to you,
Revive Your Lost Passion
the paranoia is something we need to avoid. It can be the worse feeling in the world thinking you've lost who you once were and what you used to have, but in reality most of the person you are still lives within you, it's a matter of finding it, and reliving what you can. If it helps, start scheduling in things you wouldn't usually do, exercise classes, meals with friends or going out on certain days a week are certain to liven you up, but don't pressure yourself into it, do what you want to do with the right amount of regularity.

Some people would rather start a fresh on their lives, due to it being unsuccessful in many aspects, or wishing to leave the past behind. This is wholly possible, the change starts with yourself. Many of those who do want this are considered to be lonely, either lacking in social stimulation or not having a companion to share their problems with. So my first bit of advice would be to try and surround yourself with people, talk about your worries, people do genuinely care and will listen to you. Starting fresh doesn't mean moving out of the country and changing your name, but rather building a new you over the one that has been left behind. So open your social circle, try leisure activities to spice up your weekly timetable, or even fall in love, what the future holds is exciting, don't let opportunities pass you by. Gaining the courage or the confidence to move on may be hard, but the results will be more than worth it. Take job hunting for example, you may be in a situation where your past occupation has made you want to stop that career and move on, so do so. What's the worst that can happen? It'll only be so long before you find yourself in another line of work with a better state of mind, and ready to start again. Challenging yourself is healthy, aim for a better job, a healthier lifestyle, a certain amount of savings - whatever drives you, use it.

Losing self respect is something many of us have done, but it is hard to spot, so if you have, that is a leap in the right direction already. Some of you may not quite understand what losing self respect is. I don't mean totally flying off the rails, failing in hygiene, or getting in trouble with authorities, but allowing yourself to be disrespected, or taken advantage of multiple times. You don't deserve to be abused, nor to be a doormat to people who constantly take your kindness for granted. Don't resort to being bitter on the opposite end of the spectrum either, just maintain a healthy balance. Only you will know how you feel, when enough is enough, let go. It is often hard to see when enough is enough, particularly if you are being taken advantage of by someone in a position of power, such as a manager, member of a organisation or a parent. But partners and close friends are often culprits of this treatment too.

Thursday, 3 January 2019

How To Reduce Bad Eating Habits..

Astrology Remedy For Bad Eating Habits
Okay, so I am the worst offender for poor eating habits. I snack a ridiculous amount of times a day, delve into microwave meals and other processed food, and am a renowned boredom-eater. It seems I am not alone though, as many of us also have these bad habits. Whether you are looking to actually change your habits or are rather curious as to what would be here, make yourselves comfortable. Here is a few ways you can reduce your bad eating habits!

Diet change can impact the body severely, so it is important that you start off with small changes rather than limiting yourself completely. A good start would be to eat breakfast in the mornings. Many of us are guilty of leaving for work or school on empty tummies because we "haven't the time", however this is an important step to developing a healthy eating pattern as we are less likely to snack during the day. It also helps with things like concentration, and allows us to work better in general.

Surprisingly, sleep is an important factor. For those midnight-feasters out there, by getting your daily eight hours of sleep, you are guaranteed to sleep through the hunger rather than eating in the early hours. It is said that fatigue is a factor when it comes to overeating. Set small goals for yourself to reach so you remain focused on your eating and always think positively, refusing a jam doughnut may not have impacted you yet, but if you keep ignoring your temptations, you will start to see a change, so don't give in!

Where you eat your meals and who with is important too. Eating at the table without distractions, such as television or mobile devices will mean you are concentrating on what you are eating. As impossible as it may seem, being distracted from your food makes you eat more, as you are unable to tell if you are full or not if your mind is focused elsewhere. Being in company always helps too, we are social beings, if others stop eating, we tend to as well, and there is no chance of seconds if our meal for two is a literal meal for two, rather than two helpings for yourself.

Easy Ways To Battle Bad Eating Habits
Be stern with yourself. Only eat when you are very hungry, not just a little peckish, and remember to stop eating once you are comfortably full. Planning out how to tackle your temptations is a great strategy if you have particular food cravings (mine is always biscuits and chocolate). I always limit myself to one sweet snack a day, so I hold out as long as I can before giving in, so that I am not tempted to eat any more. If you do find that you have genuine hunger at other times during the day more than the average person, go for a healthier snack. Breakfast bars or fruit are effective when it comes to restoring energy and filling you up. Read serving advice on the packaging, don't eat more than what is suggested as 'one serving', measure it out if you have to. I'm not someone who believes in 'calorie counting' to control a diet, but if you would feel more in control by using this method, by all means.

So here are plenty of ways you can break your eating habits, whatever they may be. I wish you luck on your journey to a healthier you!

Thursday, 6 December 2018

Tragic Horseback Incidents That Shouldn't Be Forgotten..

I have ridden a horse before, but not professionally or on a regular basis for that matter. They are genuinely beautiful creatures with such a kind and gentle nature towards all. Sadly, they are relatively big animals and riding them on uneven terrain, during poor weather or at high speeds can sometimes lead to tragedy. Whether horse or human injured, the loss is great. Here are a few cases of horse riding incidents that deserve to be remembered.


Emily's Note For Readers:

Reader discretion is advised - please be aware that these stories may be upsetting, don't read any further if you think they may have a negative emotional impact on you.

Daniel Smith, 6th September 2006

Mandy Berry
Our first incident involves an eleven year old boy who was killed by a horse who kicked him in the side of the head during a trip out. The victim, eleven year old Daniel Smith was knocked unconscious instantly. His mother, Amanda, who witnessed the accident tried to resuscitate him using mouth-to-mouth. Upon being air-lifted to hospital, paramedics were unable to revive him, and he sadly passed a day after the accident happened. Siblings, thirteen year old Matthew and eight year old Jacqueline paid their tributes to their brother.

The accident occurred when Daniel was walking beloved horse Willow in fields around the Etwall, Derby area. Something startled the horse during their walk, meaning she leapt out, accidentally kicking Daniel in the side of the head. He had just begun studying at The John Port School in Etwall, and returned home on his second day to go out riding.

Willow was not Daniel's horse. The family owned four horses in total, including Clover, Pickles and Sally Ann, which was his. The funeral took place in St Helen's Church in Etwall, and his coffin was taken to the church in a horse drawn carriage. Exactly what he would have wanted.

Mandy Berry, 8th October 2017

Mandy Berry was best known as being a personal assistant to many famous faces, including Carol Vorderman and Noel Edmonds. She was riding her horse, Crumlin with friends, but the accident occured when she was heading home by herself, going ahead of the others. When her friends caught up, all they found was her lifeless body, none of them are exactly sure how the accident happened. Despite the best efforts of paramedics, Mandy passed away not long after their arrival.

Many of the celebrities she has helped find their way to fame have written social media posts in her memory, notably Timmy Mallett's tweet:

"Numb heartbroken
Dearest Mandy Berry @ John Miles Org special friend agent inspiration #RIP
Thank you for being in our lives."

Steven Hughes, 28th February 2012

Cousin of famous footballer Paul Gascoigne passed away whilst in Newcastle General Hospital, receiving treatment. He survived three days after the accident in which he was thrown from the family horse. His parents and siblings swore to never forget his memory. The accident happened when Steven and his father were riding together in Gateshead, when something spooked the horse and caused it to jolt forward. The two were sitting in the cart behind the horse when it happened. The cart mounted the pavement before hitting a car, leaving Steven to be thrown approximately fourteen feet in the air. He died after breaking his skull which hit the front of a house, knocking him unconscious.

Steven's family have been raising money regularly for the hospital and it's doctors who tried to save his life. At the time of the written article, over £2,000 had been raised and donated.


Extended Section!

I've Been Involved in a Horse Riding Accident and I'm Not Sure If I Want to Give Up Riding..
I can only imagine the dilemma you must go through after recovering from an accident, though I've never been in this position myself, I have scoured the web for some tips from others who have been through the same. You are not alone on this one.

  • Wait and see how you feel after recovery is over.
Nobody can expect you to make such a decision if you are focused on becoming yourself again, this is a big decision and will need lots of thought.

  • Only you can decide what's best for you and your horse.
Although getting another opinion is helpful, you are the main person who knows how they feel and what they really want, no matter how long it may take to find out the answer. Don't let others tell you what you should and shouldn't do, not unless you agree with them personally.

  • Give it a try, you can always change your mind.
Most of the anxiousness is based on the anticipation of not riding since the accident. Familiar surrounds, terrain and noises may make you feel a little uneasy, but the chances of the same thing occurring are very slim. Once trying to ride again, if you still don't feel like this is for you anymore, then you can stop there, there is always the option to change your mind.

  • Stopping riding isn't the end of the road.
Many horse owners wouldn't be without their beloved pets. This doesn't have to be the case. There are plenty of others things you can do with horses rather than riding them. Grooming them or walking alongside them are a great way to rekindle that bond, and maybe even encourage you to want to ride again.

  • Buy a horse suitable for you if needs be.
If you want to sell the horse involved or buy another one just for riding, that's perfectly okay. Maybe a smaller, or more relaxed horse would calm your nerves, and slowly get you used to being on a horse again.

Tuesday, 6 November 2018

Smiling and Its Benefits!

Health Benefits To Smiling
Who doesn't love a good smile? Whether it be seeing an old friend out in town or smiling at a helpful shop assistant, smiles just make the world a happier place really. While most of us aren't keen on our own smiles (I know I for one am not), let's go through the actual benefits to smiling! The health benefits are plenty, and as smiling and laughing are connected, they may overlap during the post. Firstly, smiling is linked with positive mental health and general positive attitudes through every aspect of your life - which makes sense, we smile when we are happy and it encourages others to smile back. When you smile, or laugh, your body releases endorphins which are proven to decrease stress and the chance of suffering with many health problems such as heart disease, type two diabetes, high blood pressure and obesity.

A 2015 study with Psychological Science proved that smiling can indeed lower heart rate, particularly when going through a stressful situation. Endorphins can't take all the credit though, other neurotransmitters such as Dopamine and Serotonin are also released and all contribute to a happier and healthier body.

We are all programmed to read facial expressions, and when we are smiled at, it is the natural reaction to smile back, no matter how happy you are feeling at the time. So not only is smiling benefiting us with the release of the neurotransmitters, or 'happy hormones', but those who are smiling back are also getting a taste of it.

So many of us spend hundreds of pounds on getting a healthy and happy lifestyle, whether that be through leisure or dieting. Although smiling doesn't impact in quite the same way, or nearly as quickly, a smile a day may be the ticket to keeping the doctor away after all. If you are someone who is shy, like me, smiling is a way of portraying happiness and friendliness without having to approach them, as many can spot a smile from quite a way, it is definitely a method I use when out in public and passing someone who just happens to look at me when I look at them. In the workplace, it is a pretty handy habit to get into, employers and customers will both get a feel for you as being a positive and approachable person if you smile rather than looking glum behind the desk.

Some reports suggest that smiling can improve success rates, though I believe this is more down to how people want to help rather than smiling driving the success completely on it's own accord.

These benefits are more than enough to make any frown disappear, so next time you make eye contact with someone, smile at them! You know it'll be worth it.

Wednesday, 24 October 2018

The Importance Of Bees In Today's Society!

Why Bees Are Important To Our Planet
I have long been terrified of bees. I think they are wonderful little creatures who possess great power to influence our wildlife (and our food, despite my dislike of honey) - but the fact they also possess a painful sting in their abdomen has always put me off. Alas, in recent years the 'buzz' about bees has grown evermore, as reports continue to state that their numbers are in decline, and it is already affecting the environment.

So what's all the fuss about?

Honey bees in particular are easily the most important to the farming community, as they are the most prominent pollinating insect in the world. Without them, less flowers are pollinated, and we're not talking about a few hundred, we're nearing the hundreds of thousands mark. They are able to pollinate other crops such as cotton, which is equally as important for us, not as a consumable but as a material for a variety of objects we use daily.

It is important to remember that pollination isn't only about the food we eat, but the food the animals eat too. Field beans and clover are just two crops fed to farmyard animals that we humans eat, so without that pollination, it is certain that the production of meat would be in decline too. Out of food production, the act of pollination maintains a diverse set of plant life, and balances the ecosystem so that a species won't eventually die out.

For the most part, bees live in solitude, and only a minority actually live in hives alongside their queens and fellow workers. This in itself is a benefit, as the solitary bees have more chance of survival as they are less reliant on having a hive to share, and are at a lower risk of being attacked by foes from the same colony. One report tells of bees pollinating around 80% of all wildflowers in Europe, which is an impressive statistic for such a little insect. Such a steep decline of these flying insects has been met with much controversy, now including both public and political viewpoints on how to fix the problem before it is too late.

Our population is forever growing. We'll need more food for us all in the future, and with the declining numbers of pollinators, it seems that we will soon run out of resources further down the line if something isn't changed along the way. As of this post being written, only three million beehives are estimated to be left in the wild, which isn't a huge sum at all in comparison to the billions of people in the world. Thankfully, there are plenty of organisations around who are equally as dedicated to helping the bee population grow again. Just one of these organisations is the City Beekeeping Organisation.

This site was particularly helpful in finding out exactly what bees do for us, have a look:

Saturday, 6 October 2018

Crazy Stories From The Web!

I have found so many utterly jaw-dropping stories which are just too coincidental, or too terrifying to believe. However whether they be true or not, here are definitely some of the best stories I've read online. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did!

Credit is given to the writers.


Emily's Note For Readers:

Reader discretion is advised - please be aware that some stories may be very graphic, don't read any further if you find these things disturbing or upsetting.

I think it's safe to assume everyone would expect stories from the Deep Web to be on here, and you would be correct! Although I haven't dared to go into the depths of the Deep Web myself, there are certainly some horror stories worthy of awards in which visitors share online. This first story is exactly that.

Recipes For Human Meat

"In CompSci, we often got bored and ****** around. One day we ran into the deep web. The most disturbing site we found was a comprehensive guide for cooking women. We're not talking about a short joke here. This page had information on what body types to use for specific cuts, how to prepare these cuts, and how to cook the girl so she lives as long as possible. It horrifies me that people way worse than the freaks on Criminal Minds exists."

Weird Deep Web Stories

I don't know how to feel about this story, if true, it is no less than disturbing and it completely throws me to know how easy it is to access these sorts of sites (assuming the writer was relatively young still studying). Cannibalism has been around for a number of years, and it is the stuff of nightmares. I certainly hope I never come across something like this in the future, though I must say it would make a good horror movie, reading this gave me chills!

This Man

"In January 2006 in New York, the patient of a well-known psychiatrist draws the face of a man that has been repeatedly appearing in her dreams. In more than one occasion that man has given her advice on her private life. The women swears she has never met the man in her life. 

The portrait lies forgotten on the psychiatrist's desk for a few days until one day another patient recognises the face and says that the man has often visited him in his dreams. He also claims he has never seen that man in his waking life. 

The psychiatrist decides to send the portrait to some of his colleagues that have patients with recurrent dreams. Within a few months, four patients recognise the man as a frequent presence in their own dreams. All the patients refer to him as 'This Man'.

From January 2006 until today, at least 2000 people have claimed they have seen this man in their dreams, in many cities all over the world."

This story is one I've been familiar with for a while, mainly due to how much I analyse my own dreams before stumbling across this strange phenomenon. The site isn't disturbing in my opinion, but rather interesting. It claims to be the place where those who have seen the man can connect their experiences. As of yet, no theories have been able to distinguish why 'This Man' has been appearing, and what it symbolises.

Feel free to visit the site to see the hand-drawn image of 'This Man', along with plenty of other details regarding the story.

Clients From Hell - Reported anonymously

"I was hired to design a logo for a client and one day, she texted me out of the blue.

Client: Are you around?

Me: I actually am not around today, I will be tomorrow.

Client: Any chance you could give me a ride to work? I have to be there at 9pm. My car was towed at 4am 2 days ago.

Me: Are you texting the right number?

Client: Yes, we can talk business on our way up.

I have only met this woman once at a Starbucks for about an hour. Like, that's a weird and fairly sketchy request to ask of your graphic designer, especially since I'm only 18. I told her I was out of town until the next day, and I haven't heard from her since."

This site is updated so regularly that it was hard to find a story worth posting here, but as a whole, Clients From Hell is a site which is a safe-haven to report about strange or humorous goings on with customers in your working life. Until researching for this blog post, I didn't know such a thing existed, though with posts being uploaded hourly some days, there will be no lack of content and only more crazy stories to come! It's definitely worth the read.

"I once came across a site that was solely dedicated to motivating people who want to commit suicide. 

The words on the sites were carefully crafted to pull up your legs until you jump over the cliff. 

Who in their right mind encourages another human being to commit suicide to the extent of building a website for it. 

Some people are just crazy."

There is very little evidence to say that this site does exist. There were no other reports of such a site existing and the details in the report are very vague. Coincidentally this story has been written on a post called 'Are the Creepy Stories of Deep Web or Dark Web Really True?'. The lack of evidence seems to point me in the direction of it being solely a tale, though if anyone has come across a similar site, do let me know in the comments. This isn't something I recommend you look for, so don't search for it purposefully.

FML: Your Everyday Life Stories

"Today, I was talking to my sister about how I need to buy gifts from Santa for my daughter, when my son asked why I should be buying them instead of letting Santa bring them. My son genuinely still believed in Santa. He's 22 years old."

Why not end on a high note. FML is a site filled with all kinds of stories ranging from entertainment to downright bizarre. Anyone can post with an account, and from what I've seen the site is very active, with posters every few hours sharing their woes for the viewer to vote on as either "I agree, your life sucks" or "You deserved it". A light-hearted way to have a chuckle at another's misfortune as many aren't too serious and involve silly accidents or other funny stories. There was so much content on the site it was hard to pick the best one, but I must say that the story I decided to include did make me laugh quite a bit, I didn't expect it.


Emily's Note For Readers:

It is very important that you don't look for the sites I haven't provided direct links to. They are dangerous and can lead to horrible consequences. If you are worried about a site you have found, leave it well alone and don't return to it.

I can assure all users that the links I have provided are completely safe, as I have visited them myself through normal means (not by accessing the deeper layers of the web).

If you have any concerns at all, don't be afraid to reach out to me via the contact form.

Stay safe online.

Monday, 24 September 2018

The Basics Of The Human Body!

Body Basics
This is a different post than usual. I was inspired to create an educational post based on how near exam season is approaching, and when thinking of what subjects I struggled with the most, I knew Biology was at the very top.

I am not a science teacher, nor do I have any real expertise in the subject, but if you are looking for a short and precise list of definitions for use with homework, you've come to the right place! Here are the basics of the human body!

Circulatory System:

Responsible for the transport of blood around the body and keeps body temperature equal throughout.

Heart: Provides the body with oxygen and nutrients and takes away waste products. It pumps blood around the body - the right side responsible for receiving blood, and then pumping it to the lungs.

Arteries: Are muscular tubes which carry blood all over the body. It transports the blood containing oxygen and nutrients to vessels.

Veins: Carries the de-oxygenated (not carrying oxygen) blood back to the heart to be oxidised.

Capillaries: The smallest blood vessels, tasked with transferring the oxygen and nutrients to tissues, they can also collect waste (Carbon Dioxide).

Digestive System:

Provides the body with nutrients from food and drink and removes waste.

Mouth: Begins the digestion process by producing saliva when consuming food or drink.

Oesophagus: Connects the mouth with the stomach.

Stomach: A muscular organ which takes food from the oesophagus and produces enzymes to break down the food for digestion.

Small Intestine: Responsible for most of the digestion process, it absorbs nutrients from food.

Large Intestine: Holds undigested food ready to be released from the body.

Liver: Produces protein to help blood clot, it is able to remove damaged blood cells and uses broken down fat to create energy.

Gallbladder: Aids the liver in digesting fat, and helps make bile more concentrated.

Pancreas: Gives enzymes to the small intestine and helps break down food left in the stomach. It is capable of producing insulin which maintains the body's glucose levels.

Appendix: Although under much debate, a theory of the purpose of the appendix is that it encourages good bacteria to help rebuild the digestive system after an illness.

Muscular System:

Enables the use of muscles to move.

Human Skeleton: Protects the body and all of it's organs from damage and provides a stable frame for muscles to attach to.

Joints: Connect bones together and are able to have weight put on them, enabling you to move.

Ligaments: Form joints by connecting bones together.

Tendons: Attach muscles to bones, also enabling you to move.

Nervous System:

Sends information to and from the brain allowing the body to move and sense using nerves.

Brain: The instructor of the body, it controls everything your body does. It consists of many different parts which all do different things.

Spinal Cord: Allows for the transfer of messages between the brain and nerves.

Nerves: Send electrical signals to different parts of the body in order for them to react to what the brain is telling them.

Eye: Allows us to see with the help of the optical nerve.

Ear: Transforms sound waves into vibrations to be able to

Tongue: Home of thousands of taste buds which help us identify food, it is also important in our ability to speak.

Respiratory System:

Enables respiration (bringing oxygen in and out of the body).

Nasal Cavity: Prevents nosebleeds or dryness in the nose by producing mucus, hairs live there which prevent dust getting into your 

Larynx: Commonly known as the voice box, containing vocal chords which produce

Trachea: The windpipe, provides air flow to and from the

Lungs: Brings oxygen into the body and expels Carbon Dioxide from the

Diaphragm: The main muscle used in respiration to expand the lungs during respiration.

Saturday, 25 August 2018

Is Impatience Really That Bad?

Understanding Impatience
It's hard to judge just exactly what makes a person impatient - I'm impatient with some things, and then totally fine with others, and I wouldn't agree I am an impatient person just because I get bored easily either. It's something that is frowned upon both in the workplace and in social situations, I'll be exploring whether being impatient really is that bad at all.

When researching this topic, all I came across was negative reasons as to why a person may be impatient, such as having some sort of negativity surrounding the situation, like nervousness, fear of missing out and suffering with misconceptions of the world around them. These points do seem relativity thought-provoking, but none of them in my opinion are reasons why I am impatient. In my mind, impatience is a implicit kind of motivation. What's the use of waiting around for the right job to turn up, or being patient enough to see if romance blossoms by itself? Being impatient can benefit you in that light, meaning you are more determined than ever to reach your goals rather than take a back seat on it all. From this side of the argument, it seems impatient people could be more successful in terms of reaching their aspirations, simply because they are motivated enough to grasp them with both hands.

Impatience can be the reason that fall-outs are resolved quicker. We have all been in a moment of sheer boredom when you are tiresome just from waiting around. If arguments have happened, it shouldn't be long before the impatient person in question gives up waiting for the others to reach out and apologise first, and takes the first step themselves.

As team leaders, those showing signs of impatience may seem hard to please, but it does wonders for those working as they are more inclined to work just that little bit harder to reach extended goals. Those showing similar traits often have a tainted view of efficiency and practicality, meaning they believe less work is being completed than they expect, which is actually a lot more work to the average leader who doesn't display these traits.

Why Impatience Is Bad For You
Though many of us would hate to admit it, impatience resides in all of us, as we find different things higher or lower on the priority scale and speed seems to be a very demanding factor which we all believe can be affected by the people involved. In our minds, if it doesn't go to plan, there is someone to blame for it.

Health effects of severe impatience have been put out there, though their integrity does make me question it, the stated symptoms include:

  • Chronic procrastination
  • Poor judgement
  • Damaged communication

I can see how these could be an effect of being impatient, but I don't believe that these would come solely because of a characteristic - particularly one that doesn't appear full-time. Nobody is impatient all of their waking life as they are always resolved in the end no matter how long it may take. Impatience is an unattractive trait, but it is comforting to know that there is some fair and useful points behind why it can be positive if used in the right instances. Although to you reading you may believe you are pretty patient, there is always going to be that once-in-a-blue-moon moment, whether it be a very irritating person, waiting to receive vital information or working towards a deadline, that impatience will arise. Every so often, it's healthy!

Knowing what you want, when you want it, and how quickly you can get it is always beneficial to planning ahead and taking the best route to getting where you need to be. Which is why I genuinely believe that impatience isn't as bad as what it is said to be!

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