Tuesday, 22 October 2019

Tulisa: Why She Isn't As Awful As The Press Say She Is!

Tulisa and Her Emotions
Tulisa Contostavlos is an English singer-songwriter who has been the target of negative press for most of her celebrity life. Finding fame with group N-Dubz, and featuring as a judge on British talent show, 'The X Factor', she has never shied away from the spotlight. After various scandals that exposed her over the last decade, Tulisa still comes out on top by admitting how it has had an impact on her life, stating she 'slept on the bathroom floor for seven days' in an interview.

What some people don't know, is that Tulisa did struggle with bullying at school, suffering with both depression and anger management throughout her early life. Once her name did become popular, tabloids were quick to rip into her, making comments on her looks and her private life, something nobody should have to go through. The articles posted could have certainly cost Tulisa her career, and in many cases people would say it has done, though I am trying to change the negative views many have of her with this very post.

I am a great believer that you should never believe what is written or said about people. Things get twisted, people lie, and all that leaves is the target left vulnerable.

In my opinion, as one of the most victimised celebrities to grace the front of the newspapers, Tulisa is still one of the greatest female role-models for how she handles the situations she is faced with and doesn't let the mounds of negativity surrounding her name affect her in the slightest. Tulisa has been open with her teenage-hood struggles with depression, and states that like for many of us, music had saved her.

In various interviews she has mentioned her primary focus is ignoring the negativity, and maintaining a positive outlook whilst doing what she loves, making music, a lesson I think we could all take with us.

Thursday, 17 October 2019

How To Lift Heavy Objects Safely..

How To Lift Objects Safely
In an environment where you must lift heavy objects, it's very important you know what to do, and what not to do, particularly as messing this up can result in a very unpleasant trip to the hospital. Use this step-by-step guide to answer all of your back-aching needs!

Step 1

Your feet are your primary source of weight support. Spreading your surface area equals out the weight spread throughout your body, and you can do this by having your feet apart, keep them in line with your shoulders to keep yourself balanced. Try putting one foot slightly in front of the other to balance you from falling backwards or forwards.

Step 2

You must bend your legs to reach the object in a squatting position. You don't need to bend your back for any reason. If this is too difficult, you can place one knee on the floor, while keeping one foot flat on the ground.

Keep that back straight! Bending your back can over-exert too much pressure, causing some quite painful consequences to your spine. Once you pick up the object, keep your back as straight as possible. The general advice is to keep your head and neck facing up and forward to prevent any injuries further up the spine.

Step 4

Take your time. You picked up the object, good job, but now you really don't want to make a mistake. Instead of straightening your back (which many would say is the 'common sense' thing to do), straighten your hips and legs until you are standing up again. Still keep your head and neck facing forwards.

Step 5

Protect your precious cargo! While you are holding the object, keep it as close to your stomach as possible to prevent it from making you lose your balance. Let your feet carefully walk you to where you need to put down the object, taking extra care to look for any possible danger on the floor or around you. Use another person to help guide you to your destination if possible. Do not move any part of your body during this time except your legs and hips. Where your legs go, the hips must go with them!

Step 6

Hard part over, it's time to set it down. Using the same technique as before, squat into a steady position with your back, neck and head straight. Once you've placed the object back on the ground, you're all set to go about your day. Good job!

Friday, 20 September 2019

How To Build Self-Esteem!

The age old question.. "How do I regain the confidence to do something after it's been knocked?" - not the easiest question to answer, but I'll certainly give it a good go. We all suffer with self-esteem troubles in areas we don't find as easy, or as comfortable dealing with, I can certainly admit I feel this way a lot, but I do try to work on my self-esteem as much as possible.

Three Exercises For Self-Esteem
A few summary points before we begin:

★ Think positively of yourself.

★ Don't try and hide how you really feel.

★ Distract yourself from any negativity.

★ Remind yourself that nobody, absolutely nobody is perfect.

★ Everyone makes mistakes, and that's okay.

★ Differentiate between what you can improve on, and what can't be changed to avoid impossible goals.

★ Act on what you want to, don't try and improve yourself because that's what someone else has told you to do. Allow yourself and only yourself to decide.

★ Give yourself a pat on the back for any seemingly small achievement and don't compare yourself to others, we all find different things difficult.

Unfortunately one of the biggest links to mental health conditions is lack of self-esteem, notably Anxiety and Depression, as you've probably already guessed. It's the little knowledge on how to build your own confidence that has led to it becoming such an issue. Once you find out how to keep your mind positive, everything else gets mounds easier, and it is actually very preventable.

Many mental health charities pride themselves on informing the population on self-esteem, from how to increase it, to spotting when things might be going wrong, and what consequences may ensue when it is lacking.

In my opinion, the best site I have come across for all of this information is 'Mind', a UK-based charity specialising in mental health.


Emily's Note For Readers:

If you are feeling overly depressed, anxious or suicidal to the point it is affecting your daily life and your thoughts - please contact a helpline straight away. If you don't know where to turn, there are plenty of sources online which can direct you to the correct sites or contacts you may need. Don't suffer in silence.

I recommend UK based site HOPELINEUK (Papyrus UK), a suicide prevention charity.

Link to the site is here: https://papyrus-uk.org/hopelineuk/

We are so critical of ourselves that many would say that we are the problem, and I must say that I agree. I have noticed such a significant change in my own mindset just by changing my attitude. Instead of thinking "why can't you do this, it's so easy", I would tell myself "don't worry, you'll get there". Every positive thought is a step closer to a more confident you.

The only opinion that matters in life is your own, seriously.

You like that shirt? Buy it. You listen to different music? That's cool. You eat pizza with pineapple as a topping? Go for it.


As always, here are some awesome videos about self-esteem to find out more!

Self Esteem - Understanding & Fixing Low Self-Esteem - Actualised.org
Top 5 Self-Confidence Books

How To Build Your Self-Esteem - Brian Tracy

3 Ways To Boost Your Self-Esteem - watchwellcast

Thursday, 22 August 2019

Emily's Jewellery Wish List

I am not a huge jewellery collector. I have a few pieces here and there, gifted to me from close friends and family, but it is rare that I would find myself actively shopping for jewellery just because it isn't something that really appeals to me. Either way, I have found some truly exquisite pieces online that caught my eye, and wanted to share with you! With Christmas coming up, it's definitely worth jotting down some ideas for relatives or friends!

★  'FreshFleeces Silver and Copper Highland Cow Charm & Bracelet'

I have no idea what drew me to this cute little charm, but it really stood out to me. Cows aren't supposed to be cute right? Look how cute this charm is! I already have a charm bracelet, but would love to add this little guy to my collection, how sweet! The bracelet it comes with is good quality, and although I wouldn't get much use from it as I already own a charm bracelet, it would be a perfect gift for another person who does not yet own one! As one of the most novel pieces of jewellery I've ever seen, it definitely has a special place in my heart for being so incredibly adorable - I want one, now!

Seller: FreshFleeces

Price: £89.99

★  'Bloom Boutique Personalised Initial Disc Birthstone Bracelet'

There is definitely a trend for personalised goods at the moment, from personalised pencil cases, to books, candles to backpacks. I love the idea of personalised gifts, and find myself gifting a lot of personalised things to others for birthdays and other celebrations because it really adds that extra touch. Initials and birthstones are popular customisations, and this beautiful bracelet has both! This is such a beautiful piece for an amazing price (a lot cheaper than I expected). A perfect gift for any occasion!

Seller: Not On The High Street

Price: £18.00

★  'Heart Pendant Personalised Name Necklace'

Another elegant and gorgeous personalised piece, made by the same brand, Bloom Boutique. The colour selection is certain to please any buyer, as it is the typical 'Rose Gold vs Silver' debate. Where I personally prefer silver, but many of my friends would dispute that. At first glance, I didn't know that they were engraved, but upon inspection they are beautifully written, in a script-like font to give the most delicate of writing. Again, which such a reasonable price, and a vast majority of good reviews, this is definitely something I would love to purchase for myself, if not for a friend or family member. There is a third colour choice, labelled as 'Champagne Gold', but it seems as though that is not as popular as the other two.

Seller: Bloom Boutique

Price: £16.00

★  'La Menagerie Bee Gold Origami Necklace'

Bees are so popular this year, they've been a trend for a good while now, possibly due to how environmental imbalance has affected them, and we're more aware of how precious the little things really are. What could be better than walking around with a beautiful golden bee silhouette around your neck? I wouldn't really go for something gold as I much prefer silver, but being that it is one of our yellow creepy crawlies, I'm willing to look past it for a piece like this! I'm in love with the outline design, it's simplistic look makes it super easy to match with pretty much any outfit, and I'd love one of my own!

Seller: La Menagerie

Price: £24.00


Just a little disclaimer, I'm not gaining any benefit from promoting brands or items they sell, this is entirely my doing. Prices may change from the time this post was written, click the starred item name to be directed to the page I originally gathered my information from to see any price changes.

Saturday, 17 August 2019

Chewing Gum: Beneficial Or Dangerous?

We have all heard the horror story our parents or tutors told us as children, if you swallow too much chewing gum it'll be stuck in your intestine for hundreds of years. I found myself wondering, why do we have chewing gum? How does it benefit us? Is it as dangerous as we are told? Here is where I will be discussing just that.

Chewing Gum, Good Or Bad?
Sugar-free gum is recommended by dentists as chewing it after meals can prevent the bad bacteria from damaging your enamel after eating, by neutralising acids. This occurs as chewing stimulates eating, which makes the mouth naturally produce more saliva, and saliva, if you didn't already know is very good for our teeth due to it's ability to combat bacteria. It is generally accepted that chewing gum is completely safe as long as it isn't swallowed over a long period of time, and you stick to the daily intake written on the packaging. What you need to watch out for is chewing gum with artificial sweeteners, as these are the ones that can play havoc with our teeth, causing the adverse affect to sugar-free gum.

Be aware that chewing gum containing Methanol (usually mint-flavoured gum), can break down into two very toxic substances, formic acid and formaldehyde. Which can cause the body digestive issues, and even contribute to developing diabetes.

Overall, chewing gum is not a healthy habit by any means, but as long as it's used in the right way, and doesn't contain any sugar, it can actually be beneficial for your mouth. Anything in excess is bad for you, so I would recommend only taking what you absolutely need, many experts suggest using one regular pack of gum a day at the most.

Monday, 15 July 2019

Chocks Away: How To Deal With The Fear Of Flying!

My friends and family would laugh at the sight of this post. I have never been on a plane (in the air at least) and am terrified of the very thought of being thousands of feet up into the air. However, as such a common problem, I thought it would be worth going over some ways we can combat the infamous fear of flying so many of us have.
How To Overcome The Fear Of Flying

While researching, I found that many airline sites give information on how to deal with the fear (notably British Airways), many stating it begins with your breathing. Like most relaxation techniques, it is suggested you focus solely on breathing. Holding your breath for a few seconds when you get nervous, lowering your heart rate, and then breathing in and out in long, drawn out breaths.

Many fear an airplane crash rather than actually flying. If this is you, take a look at this statistic:

To die in a plane crash on your exact route, you would have to fly every day for 14, 716 years.

The chances of you being unfortunate enough to be caught up in an air crash is very, very, unlikely. So take your focus away from the negativity, and distract yourself. Use a book, magazine, even a game to distract yourself for the journey. Like breathing, this is another relaxation exercise I too, use for certain situations. If you are nervous even after take-off, you can tell the cabin crew, don't feel ashamed, I can guarantee that someone on the same flight has already told them that they are nervous too, it isn't rare. If still, after various travels you aren't getting used to it, or it's preventing you leaving from holidays, leisurely trips, or business trips, it's time to seek professional help. As such a common fear, there will always be people out there able to help you with your specific needs, from talking therapy to plane simulation. Many of the courses aren't actually that long either, some only requiring a day to complete the course from start to finish. Publicity of plane crashes is probably the main contributor to flight anxiety, we never hear of any successful plane journeys, simply because there's so many of them!

Whilst on the plane, getting to sit near the front is said to be beneficial to nervous passengers, being able to see out of the front window doesn't only help calm nerves, but helps passengers to be able to see what is going on in front of them, and that there is no threat, especially if you are susceptible to getting nervous if you feel little bumps during the journey. As much as you may need a drink after getting that typical nervous dry throat, steer clear of caffeine. It is known to contribute to anxiety, particularly panic attacks.


Did You Know?

British Politician, Michael Gove, suffered with the fear of flying, and went under hypnosis back in 2013 to cure it.

Watch this video during your trip if you're struggling to find distraction:

Fear Of Flying Help Video By Virgin Flying Without Fear Team - Virgin Flying Without Fear

Well, are you ready? Take a practice trip to somewhere not too far from home, organise a day where you and some friends or family can take this trip, and be honest with them about your worries if they're not already known. Tell the cabin crew on the plane how you are feeling, you are one of many, many people they see daily with the same problem, there really is nothing to be embarrassed about! Remind yourself of the statistic written further up in the post, and that there is no real threat, you've done the tough part by getting on board! After the journey, you can celebrate what you've overcome in your new holiday destination!

Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Coconut Cake Recipe!

Delicious! Coconut cake is definitely up there for me as one of my favourite cakes, sweet but not overbearing, elegant and simple, there is little not to love about this lovely dessert! Even if you have never made this before, here is a short and simple recipe you can follow in order to have your very own delightful cake.

Credits to this wonderful site for helping me piece together this very post!


(These may differ depending on what you prefer to use, but here are a selection that I would include!)

The Most Amazing Coconut Cake

For The Cake:

★ 50g of dried coconut.
★ 150ml of milk.
★ 110g of margarine.
★ 110g of white caster sugar.
★ 2 free range eggs.
★ 250g of self-raising white flour.
★ 1 pinch of salt

For The Buttercream:

★ 6 free range egg whites.
★ 400g of caster sugar.
★ 675g of soft, unsalted butter.
★ 1tsp of vanilla extract.

For the toppings or decorations, you can add pretty much whatever you like, although almonds and leftovers of the coconut or cream are a popular choice.

Step 1:

Place the dried coconut into the milk for around two hours. Make sure the oven is preheated to around 170ºC (the fan should be around 150ºC, on gas mark 3). Get a 20cm round tin and grease it.

Step 2:

Mix together the margarine and sugar until it becomes more like a creamy substance, and is light. Beat each of the eggs one at a time. Add flour, salt and the coconut milk mixture from earlier and mix it together thoroughly.

Step 3:

When mixed, put this mixture into the tin and bake it for around an hour and a half so that the cake is firm.

Step 4:

Once the cake is done, leave it to one side and start on the buttercream. Place both the egg white and sugar into a heatproof bowl over a pan of simmering water. Stir this mix until it reaches approximately 60ºC.

Coconut Cake

Step 5:

Put the new mixture into a bowl and beat the egg whites and sugar together for around 10 minutes. During this time, remember to add small pieces of butter and vanilla to the mix until it is all included in the main mixture.

Step 6 (and the fun part!):

Spread this over the top of your cake thoroughly so that it covers as much or as little as you like, use any leftover ingredients your have for extra toppings!

Monday, 17 June 2019

Cute Relationship Ideas That Don't Require Much Preparation!

Paragraphs For Her
Our lives are so busy nowadays that it is hard to find the time to spend with our other halves. I'm lucky in the sense that in my current relationship, there is no worry about not having time for each other because we always make the time, but I understand in other circumstances this isn't possible and it can be quite debilitating on a relationship. If this sounds like something that would appeal to you, look no further. Here are some cute relationship ideas that don't require much preparation!

Strawberries and Chocolate!

As cliché as it may be, rekindling that flame with your other half could be fixed easily with a bit of intimate food tasting. Obviously it doesn't have to be strawberries and chocolate, but something else you both enjoy. There are businesses littered around the world who dedicate their organisation to food tasting to help couples rekindle their romance. If you aren't keen on the idea of going out, it can be done in the comfort of your own home. A delicious chocolate fountain and a plate of strawberries, see where the evening takes you!

Try Out A Sport With Your Loved One

This may require more time than the others on this list, but if you have a spare day with nothing to do, taking them to the local gym, leisure centre, or park could be the answer to spending some time together. You don't have to be a sports fanatic to carry out this idea as there are so many different sports to choose from, you can find one right for you. If your partner is particularly fond of a sport, try and show your appreciation by joining in with them. If you're unsure, try something new together, being active is not only healthy for your bodies, but your minds too, it's something that won't cost you a penny but will do wonders for your relationship.

Enjoy The Great Outdoors

There is so much to experience around us which we don't take a second glance at if we're busy. You don't need to book a holiday or travel distance to enjoy the outdoors, chances are there are places to visit just minutes away with the best nature can give. The weather is a great driving factor to get outside. Jumping around in piles of leaves in autumn or having snowball fights in winter is a great way to take a break from the stresses of daily life, and have some one on one time with your other half. It's okay to release our inner child every now and again, and let's be honest, you've always wanted to propel a few snowballs at your partner for all the times they've annoyed you.

Have Photoshoots

You don't need professionals to be able to snap some of your most memorable moments together. Most of the time, professional shoots miss out on the things that make your relationship special, the things nobody else gets to see: you not feeling your best and having your partner take care of you, or a cosy night in cuddled on the sofa. Those little moments that nobody else sees is something to cherish with a photo or two. If you are feeling particularly sentimental or even as a great gift idea, place all of your photos into a memory book or photo album to go back to every time you get a quiet moment together.

Dedicate A Weekend (Or Weekday) To Doing Nothing

Depending on which days you find yourself free, you could definitely benefit from having a stay-in day dedicated to doing absolutely nothing with your other half. In the whirlwind of life we forget to keep in check with our partners, how has their week been, what plans would you have in the next few days etc. Sitting down and talking is worth more to a relationship than all else just because without it, being in a relationship becomes more of a process than something to enjoy. You will never have any issues if you are all on the same page, and even better, it's an excuse to put your feet up, but they don't need to know that.

Cook A Homemade Meal Together

Food-experts or not, cooking a meal you've made together yourself is not only great fun but a good way to improve on communication and the bond you share. Even if the worst happens: the meal was burnt, dessert fell to pieces and the drink went flat, it's something to laugh about (and secretly feel happy about because you can just order takeaway instead). Despite taking a while longer than other relationship ideas, you forget how much time you are spending on making the meal simply because of how much enjoyment you get from it. If you can't find a day where the both of you will be at home, surprise your partner with a home-cooked meal, even if it isn't perfect, the gesture alone will have them falling head over heels for your efforts.

Binge Watch On Romance

Handling Valentine's Day
If this isn't an ideal genre for you or your partner, you can switch it up to what you would benefit from most. Romance will more likely be effective however. Light-hearted and fluffy, how could someone ever be anything but romantic when watching so much love unravel in front of their very eyes. When watching romantic movies or reading romantic books, we all imagine us and that special someone being in their place, so why not get them to join us on the journey. You never know, you may get some ideas for later on..

Give A Five Star Massage

It's stupidly easy to book up for a spa visit, but where's the fun in that? Take advantage of the fact that your partner is yours to touch and give them an intimate massage anywhere they desire. You would have to be crazy to turn down a massage as there is no consequence, your muscles are loosened up and you generally feel better after it's over. A massage doesn't have to take long at all, but still gives the results you're both looking for, give it a try!


The weather is warming up now and you're sick of being cooped up inside. Why don't you and your loved one head outside for a picnic? Do it the old fashioned way, make sandwiches, buy a few snacks, crack open some champagne if you're feeling fancy and don't forget the blanket! Make the most of your spare few hours to enjoy a lunch break in the summer air with the person you love. You will find that the best things in life are free, including the love that you share with your other half.

Thursday, 13 June 2019

Messy Bun Tutorial!

It is a look we are all well aware of, lazy Sunday's, your hair may need washing but you aren't going anywhere so what do you do with it? Just tie it up into a messy bun of course! I find it incredibly hard to do this on myself, but here is my method of how you can wear the perfect messy bun.

Let's kick things off with some video tutorials you can follow:

★ 5 Ways To Do A Messy Bun!!!! | Easy Hairstyles - Abby Smith

★ Easy Messy Bun Tutorial - LeSassafras

★ Perfect Easy Messy Bun Tutorial (Without Sock/Donut) - MissAlex

Despite how difficult I find this to do, it can be completed in as few as three steps, and is labelled to be one of the most effortless hairstyles out there, not hard to see why with a name like 'messy bun.' The tutorial I am writing about today is how I personally do my hair when doing a messy bun, and it takes me typically two or three minutes, so it's easily accessible to all no matter how busy your lives are.

Messy Bun Tutorial
It is a popular topic for vloggers as it is relatively easy to do, and there are many girls out there who would appeal to hair tutorials, particularly if they are unsure as to how to work with their hair of different thickness and length. The biggest benefit is that messy buns don't have to look messy at all, they can be done in a certain way that makes them seem formal if you are looking for a new way to wear your hair out.

Step 1

I typically bend over so that my hair falls forward and put my hair into a loose ponytail on my head. It doesn't matter too much if you hair is brushed or not, but if you want to go for a neater look, it's best to comb the ponytail in. You can also choose how high up you want the bun to be, by moving the ponytail either higher or lower to suit you.

Step 2

Using the ponytail I just made, I twist it around my fingers and weave it around the base of the ponytail (where the hairband meets my head), making sure each layer goes below the last to keep it in shape. Once it is too small to wrap all the way around, leave the end of the ponytail hanging down the back of your head.

Step 3

The easiest and final step, use the hairband you already used or another hairband if you are unable to get to it to keep it in place on your head, this should be relatively tight so it doesn't fall out. Finally, if there are any stray bits of hair or parts of the bun that look like they may fall out on their own accord, use bobby pins to keep them tidy.

Friday, 24 May 2019

College Survival Guide:

College Survival Guide
This was a topic someone asked me to do, and I was more than happy to give my advice on starting college and the journey through it as it has been one I've done myself. For our international readers, in the UK, college is the education level students aged around 16-18 receive after leaving school, in which they can gain A-Levels or other useful qualifications to move them on to university for degrees, or for the workplace. It isn't compulsory to attend in the UK, but it is suggested many young people do so as many employers don't accept workers until they are aged 18 or over.

So when you first join college, it can be quite a daunting prospect, but you'll be glad to hear that the tutors are usually more laid-back than they were at school, and to many they can seem more like old friends than tutors. Use that to your advantage, being friendly to them will instantly build a connection, and as it differs from school with the amount of tutors you have, building a connection with one of the few people who you will learn from is always a good start.

Next comes your classmates. As they will most likely be in the same class as you, you might as well get to know them! Sometimes this comes naturally but other times it may need a little push. But don't worry! You're all in the same boat. If you're stuck on what's best to say then stick with what you're studying, as you can choose what subjects you want to study at college, chances are they have similar interests to you in the subject you're learning.

Explore your environment, it's no secret that colleges are absolutely huge, but that doesn't have to be scary. There are typically leisure activity centres, libraries, cafeterias and in some cases, swimming pools in which you can make friends, or hang out with the ones you've already made! These spaces aren't only good for socialising, but if you need a quiet place to revise or spend some time to yourself, there are many around for your benefit. The more you get to know your environment, the less scary it will feel when walking around. At lunch and break you are allowed off campus, however if the weather is poor or you're in the mood for something different, I can assure you that college meals are
College Students
a hundred times better than school meals. Most colleges have a variety to choose from, all cooked and ready for you when you arrive, even if you want a small snack, there are things to satisfy everyone and their dietary needs.

Don't fear people that are a little older than you, although college is mainly for younger students, there will be older people in your class, I can confirm they aren't as scary as you think, at my college, two of the oldest members were some of my closest friends! You are all there to learn, so don't see age as a factor when it comes to building friendships. Even though college is a little more laid back, I'd say to tone down on the late nights and partying. College is equally as important as your past exams, and for good reason. Getting your work and assignments in on time all counts towards grades. The only downside to assignments is that if you miss any deadlines, they can be very strict and disqualify you from getting a grade at all. So to avoid disappointment or having to juggle a mount of different assignments at once, keep on top of things, work now, party later. If you stick to that, you'll have little to no stress, that's a guarantee.

There will be plenty of opportunities coming your way if you are enrolled at college. Work experience is a biggy. Even if you've got a job or have completed work experience at school, work experience is crucial. Not only will you learn new skills, but it looks great on a CV and you can indeed get graded if there is an assignment that requires a new skill that the work experience involves. The amount of opportunities available varies on the course and the college, but some offer a Class Ambassador role (much like Head Boy or Head Girl at school, only a little more serious and requiring them to attend meetings and put forward ideas for the greater good of the college), apprenticeships, or even part-time work inside the college. Putting yourself out there from the beginning of your college journey won't just make you a star pupil, but you are likely to gain more friends from doing so too. Take responsibility for your time and work hard. Schedule your work, social life and sleep so it suits you, but make sure it doesn't affect other aspects of your life such as mental wellbeing. If you're finding yourself out to be too stressed, tired, or not eating right, chances are your schedule is a little off, keep tweaking it until you find a balance which works for you, there are some out there right for you!

Here are some awesome videos that I recommend you watch:

★ College Survival Guide - Dani Austin

★ College Survival Guide! College Do's and Don'ts! - Emily Dao

★ Art School/College Survival Guide (Parsons) - Ella Snyder

So I hope you are now more prepared than ever for the next big step of your life, starting college! As long as you stick to the schedule at the least, you shouldn't encounter any problems. It is a short period of time to be in education and it is over with before you know it, so enjoy your time at college before it ends, some of my happiest memories were there. Start building your own memories now!

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